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Dean scowled, taking a tiny step towards the demon, “You son of a bitch,” He spat hoarsely, attempting to mask the desperation in his face. He stole a brief glance at the two soldiers of heaven beside him, eyes lingering a bit longer on the younger of the two, before flicking his gaze back on the complacent monster in front of him. Dean twitched his chin at Crowley’s more than obvious comment, running a tongue across his teeth, “What do you want, Crowley?” The demon’s dexterity for self-preservation was more than a huge pain in the hunter’s ass at this point. He just wanted this to be over.

Castiel glanced back at Dean when Dean looked at him. He knew Dean’s temper better than anyone else. He knew how Dean reacted when it came down to Sam: reckless. All it would take was for Crowley to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and Dean would make one stupid move. Castiel was half tempted to zap Dean out of there but that would be overstepping boundaries. He did the next best thing - he took a few steps closer to Dean so if anything were to happen, he could push Dean out of the way and face Crowley himself.

Then Dean asked Crowley what he wanted and Castiel’s glance snapped back towards the hunter. “You’re not here to negotiate.” Because negotiation with the King of Hell was too close to a demon deal and there was no way Castiel was letting that happen. On the other hand, Castiel himself had things to offer. He calmly turned back to Crowley. “Leave the Winchesters out of it and name your price.”

Standing atop one pile of dead demons, she watched as more of them emerged. A sigh passed her lips as she rested the scythe on one of her shoulders, scratching the back of her head. “Why are there so many of these damn things? It’s like Crowley makes them out of thin air.” she muttered, spinning the scythe again and smirking. “Well, more for me to take my anger out on then.” she said, leaping from the pile of bodies and landing in front of it, wobbling slightly. “COME AND GET ME!” she cheered, smirking slightly as they approached her yet again. Well, at least I got a few seconds of a break. 

Gabriel waited a bit impatiently for everyone to just shut up for a minute and, really? Shouldn’t everyone be used to Crowley and his ways by now? But his thoughts digressed.

“Crowls, seriously. Just let me go get him. You know you’ll have other chances.”

Crowley smirked at Dean, “I have exactly what I want, why would you assume I needed more?” He took a few steps closer toward the human, a brow raised as his hands stayed in his pockets. 

Lolling his head toward the youngest of the angels, he simply laughed, “I have no business with you, Castiel. You haven’t even the slightest interest in being here, do you? Dean simply roped you in. You’re like the Robin to his Batman.” He teased before his face grew serious.

Looking back to Gabriel, he moved away from Dean and toward the archangel, “Other chances?” He repeated incredulously, “Not like this.” He mused aloud, a tinge of excitement to his voice. “The moose sought me out. He seemed delighted for me to oblige him. Such a small favour he asked for.” He let the words roll from his tongue easily. “And I would never deny the young man what he wanted.” He stepped closer to Gabriel, “If my knowledge proves correct, neither would you.”


“Uhhh…should I feel stalked or something?”

“Well whatever, I feel actually kind of…flattered? So yeah. Hey guys, I’m Sam. What’s up?”

"Hello, Moose."

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it’s not a true roleplay unless you’re both apologising after every post

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“Save it, you lying dick.” Rearing the corner, Dean emerged from his hiding place. He narrowed green eyes into slits, blood boiling at the sight of the cunning demon. It took all of his strength to keep his urge to tear the smug look off of the King of Hell’s smug face in check as he glared. The hunter circled opposite of the archangel, clenching his fist around Ruby’s knife at his side. Voice low, he growled, “Where’s Sam?” 

This was Gabriel’s bright idea, to go straight up to Crowley and demand Sam’s soul. Castiel wouldn’t have gone about it this way but he wasn’t about to let his brother, and Dean, face Crowley on their own. He stood off to the side, hands at his side, unarmed and looking unfazed by the entire situation. He was going through the motions, really, letting Gabriel take the lead and then stepping in when the situation called for it. His blue eyes wandered from Crowley to Dean, who looked like he was about to attack the demon without a second thought. “You can’t kill him, Dean.” And his eyes went back to Crowley. Killing Crowley would result in civil war in Hell, much like had happened in Heaven — every demon out for the crown. “Return Sam, Crowley, and we’ll go.”

Outside the little ‘meeting’ going on, AJ was doing as Gabriel had asked of her. She was having little difficulty keeping the thousands of demons at bay. Instead of just using her magic, she’d decided to flourish a bit, creating herself a huge scythe out of nowhere and fighting them off with that. She would have much rather been inside, throwing that dirty rat of a demon against the wall and demanding Sam’s soul back, but she was happy to do whatever she could to help. And if that meant cutting a few demons down, then she was happy to help. “Oh come on! Is that all you’ve got!?” she called, grinning as she slid in front of the building, the demons coming in waves once again. She spun the scythe and ran forward, slicing through several of them, the blood splattering across her face. This is almost fun.

Did everyone tag along? Seriously, should Gabriel expect Mary-freaking-Poppins to pull herself out of her bag and get a word in, too? He eyed his long-time friend and shrugged.

“Apparently, I brought an army,” Gabriel said dryly as everyone spoke. He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Just give me Sam back and I’ll pretend this never happened in the first place. Fair enough, right?”

Crowley’s gaze slowly turned toward Dean, “Oh how adorable.” The emotion on his face blank, “The whole family.” The demon rolled his eyes, “Ooh, dick, I see you’ve thrown me in the same category as those…overpowered cherubs.” He licked his lips annoyed as he lolled his head toward Gabriel. 

The presence of another winged burden announced himself and Crowley turned in a circle, finding himself surrounded, “Now we’re a family.” He smirked before downing the rest of his craig and the glass disappeared. His hands placed themselves in his trouser pockets as he shrugged, “I’ve sent it off, I know not where.”

His attention rolled back to the archangel, “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy, Gabriel.” A hint of a smug smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

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“Not quite the words I would use, darling, but lovey try.”

“Ouch. Well, can’t blame a girl for trying. Right?” she replied letting chuckle of amusement escape her old lips.

"You try, sweetheart, let me know how that works out for you. From my experiences, not so well?"

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” You missed me?” the brunette beauty asked with a smile.

"Not quite the words I would use, darling, but lovey try."

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discovering new kinks you never knew u had before

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